Therapy for Man and Animal

Heling van mens en dier

After my University study Physical Therapy at the Royal University (Katholieke Universiteit) of Leuven I have maintained a successful practice in Neerijse, Belgium, for years. In my drive to help patients even better, I studied, among other things, Acupuncture, Total Therapy, Podology and Sports Podology. My interest in animal therapy grew later on.

During those years I frequently came across inspiring articles of Philippe Druelle D.O., which gave me my first insight into Osteopathy. After attending workshops with Druelle I decided to dedicate my life to Osteopathy. During the next years I successfully completed the ICREO and SICO Studies in Osteopathy for Man and Animal and got thorough experience in several Belgian and international practices, which laid the right foundations for my work.

In 2013 I graduated for my DO with the thesis “The influence of an osteopathic treatment on horse and rider on the scores in trail”, which was graded with Cum Laude and granted a special price by the international jury. With this graduation a road of eight years of study ended in acclaimed success. Since 2008 I started a new practice in Beauvechain, Belgium, especially dedicated to Osteopathy, where Man and/ or Animal are at the centre stage for Osteopathic treatments.

PDC-6Osteopathy is a natural healing practice, which rebalances the function of the organism by treating the causes of pain and imbalance. To meet this goal the osteopath uses the tenderness of his / her palpations to determine the position, mobility and the quality of the tissue. Osteopathy was first described by Andrew Taylor Still in 1874. The goals of an osteopathic manual treatment is the return of mobility of the different elements of the organism, and to allow an adjusted relation and a more balanced regulation between the different systems of the human body  (musculo-skeletal, vascular, digestive, neurologic, etc.) The patient will be treated as a whole and from time to time I support the treatment with acupuncture.

The same principles are used on animals as well.

Since my DO I have been subsequently invited to follow a number of post-doctoral studies and seminars, which allow me to help and treat humans and animals even more effectively.

Adults, top athletes, children, infants, horses and dogs are all more than welcome if my knowledge and treatments can help and support them.

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